Staff On-boarding

Ministry staff profiles will be updated on our website to include a bio and a personal story. This will help new visitors to our website get to know a bit more about you. Think about what you’d say, how you would introduce yourself to someone new and what impression you want to give them of yourself.

What is this form?
Please use this form to answer questions to help us put together your bio. Please also use the suggestions below to help you write your personal story of faith and journey to St Alfred’s in your own words. Your answers may be edited for presentation, but you will get to see and approve the final wording for your page. You do not have to answer questions you are uncomfortable with or share anything you don’t want to.

Who needs to fill it out?
Staff with ministerial responsibilities.

Any questions?
If you have any questions at all please contact Dennis Chew.
If you could please  complete the form within one week of your start date, that would be great.

Thank you.

*** Click here for examples of other staff members. ***

Staff On-Boarding Form