Mackenzie family

    Mackenzie family Serving in the Northern Territory

Lauren Weatherlake

Lauren Weatherlake AFES, Swinburne University Lauren is a staff worker with AFES at Swinburne University Christian Union. Her role includes[…]

M & K

M. & K. with S. South Asia

Amy Just

Amy is a senior staff at AFES and supports, trains and mentors students who are part of Monash CU.

Inni Punay

Inni Punay Mission to Seafarers, Melbourne Inni is a chaplain with the Mission to Seafarers. He supports the spiritual, practical[…]

David & Elizabeth

David is principle of Kathmandu International Study Centre, a secondary school with a Christian foundation. Elizabeth supports David in his work and uses her skills as a dentist.

Andy & Mif Little

Andy works as a senior pilot evacuating sick or injured, transporting gospel workers and meeting the needs of remote communities. Mif facilitates a local play group and bible study. Both have had opportunities to preach and teach gospel.