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27 October, 2013 ()

Bible Text: Jonathan Cornford |


Ephesians 4:17-24; Romans 12:1-2 | Jonathan Cornford |

Manna Gum is the initiative of Jonathan & Kim Cornford. Jonathan has a Ph.D in Political Economy and International Development; Kim has an Honours Degree in Economics and Diplomas in Sustainability and Conservation and Land Management. Kim and Jonathan are members of the Common Rule Christian network and attend the Footscray Church of Christ. Manna Gum began in 2009 as an independent non-profit organisation which seeks to: provide resources for Christian groups to understand and practise the social, economic and political implications of the Gospel of Christ; and to promote deeper understanding of the ways in which our lifestyle impacts upon our neighbours (locally and globally) and upon the earth, and to stimulate critical thinking on issues of aid, development, poverty and wealth. www.mannagum.org.au

We welcome Jonathan Cornford as our preacher at both morning and evening services.

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