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Life can be a puzzle at times and being a Christian, rather than simplifying things, sometimes makes it even more complex. It is important therefore to be sure about who Jesus is and what he teaches.

We will get a renewed sense of this as we read and ponder on chapters 9 & 10 of Mark's Gospel. If you are looking for an easy-to-read commentary on Mark we recommend "The Servant King: Reading Mark Today" by Paul Barnett (available from leading Christian book shops).

19 June, 2011 ()

Bible Text: Mark 10: 17-31 |


Mark 10: 17-31 | David Williams
One of the big questions that most humans face in some way or another is why they do what they do. Have you ever woken up wondering what the point of everything is?  Do you ever question why you spend so much time and energy doing the things you do?  Behind this question lurks the issue of our motivations.  Jesus is acutely aware that even good and godly people can have mixed motivations and today’s Bible passage exposes that through his meeting with a rich young man.  We welcome David Williams as our preacher today as he helps us not only understand the passage but also challenges us to question what is really in our heart. David is a member of St Alfred's and is the national training director for CMS Australia (CMS is the Church Missionary Society).

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