God and Government - Studies in Daniel

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Daniel: God and Government The setting of Daniel is the sixth century B.C. when the Jews are in exile in Babylon. You might wonder what such distant events might have to say to us today. First of all the book of Daniel will help us reflect on God’s rule in our world. It raises issues such as persecution, evil, suffering, power politics and forces us to think about how we are to live as Christians in a hostile world. Sec-ondly Daniel and his friends are models of faithful, wise and courageous men who offer us insights on how we might respond to the temptations and trials that we face. Thirdly, Daniel provides some of the background thinking to what Jesus has to say about the kingdom of God, his identity as “the Son of Man” and the end of the world. So there are many good reasons for reading Daniel. We will do chapters 1-6 in the coming weeks and look at chapters 7-12 over summer.

God and Government - Studies in Daniel

8 January, 2011 ()

Bible Text: Daniel 8 |


Daniel: A Vision of the End | Peter MacPherson | Daniel 8 | During summer we are preaching on Daniel 7-12. This is a particularly difficult part of Scripture because it is what is known as apocalyptic literature.” It includes visions and dreams that are not always easy to understand. At St Alfred's we are committed to working hard at understanding Scripture and we encourage you to read these chapters over the coming weeks. If you would like to buy a small commentary that will help you understand Daniel better we recommend Andrew Reid’s “Daniel: Kingdoms in Conflict".
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