16 February, 2013

Bible Text: 2 Samuel 6 |

Mike McNamara | 2 Samuel 6

5 Reasons for reading the Old Testament

1. it teaches us many things about God and humans
2. it shows us what sin is and how much God hates it
3. it gives many examples of wise and godly people
4. it challenges us personally to grow into the people God made us to be
5. it prepares us for the coming of Christ as prophet, priest, king, messiah and saviour

At St Alfred's we read from and preach on the Old Testament regularly. At the moment we are in the book of 2 Samuel which is primarily about King David. David has many strengths but like any human he has his weaknesses. At a human level he is a model of all humans who struggle to be obedient to God – getting things right some of the time and getting them very wrong at others. He is also a forerunner of Christ who will prove to be the true king, the only one worthy of our complete allegiance, unlike any human leader.

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