3 May, 2014

Bible Text: 1 Corrinthians 12:1-30 |

| 1 Corrinthians 12:1-30 | Mike McNamara |

Spiritual gifts had become a “hot potato” at Corinth. It is clear from 1 Corinthians 12-14 that the good gifts given to the church by God were not being used in a loving and edifying way.  Ever since then Christians have struggled to know what these gifts are, how to use them, whether all of them are still valid today.  Some churches keep a lid on such gifts for fear of things getting “out of hand” or fear of error, others believe in the gifts but don’t know what to do with them, some churches are prone to excess, others practically deny most of the gifts exist, others try to live out Paul’s general teaching: use the gifts to build up the church.  Pray that people at St Alfred's will use their gifts in a loving way to build us all up.

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