Faith and Work
Faith and Work

25 October, 2015 ()

Bible Text: Genesis 2:1-20 |


| Genesis 2:1-20 | Kara Martin |

Today we begin a three-week sermon series on integrating faith and work. Work could be defined as "any purposeful activity." That is, anything we do regularly and with a purpose. "Work," therefore, is more than what we do for pay. Work can be paid, unpaid, voluntary, pro bono; work can be done for an employer, a community group (including church), a family, for one’s self. This means that most people do some work – students, employees, employers, volunteers, retirees, parents, grandparents. The question this series is seek-ing to address is how we integrate our faith with our work.

We welcome guest preacher Kara Martin to morning and evening services. Kara is the Associate Director of the Marketplace Institute at Ridley College, Melbourne. She regularly speaks on work and faith issues.

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