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12 June, 2011 ()

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Margot Islip

Worship and the Arts

Today is Pentecost Sunday on which we traditionally celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit. We usually associate Pentecost with the story of Acts 2 and the dramatic experience of the Spirit coming on the first Christians. One quieter work of the Spirit is freeing people to worship God. It is God’s Spirit who opens our minds to see Jesus for who he truly is and helps us to respond to God in worship. There is so much to thank God for and so many ways to do that. Sometimes we get comfortable in our habits of worship either at church or in life; sometimes we get into a rut; sometimes we end up running on empty. We need the Spirit to refresh and renew our response to God. God is a creative God and there are many Spirit-inspired ways to respond to God in praise and worship. At both services today Shaun (Music and Creative Arts Minister) and Margot Islip will help us do this. We pray that God will refresh your spirit by being with us today.

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