About Ben

Role: Associate Minister, Sundays at 10am & Wednesdays at 10am

Background: I studied architecture at RMIT University (MArch+BDesArch) and worked as an architect in Melbourne, before studying at Ridley College (MDiv+GradCertDiv) and moving into full-time ministry with AFES and then ordained Anglican ministry. Previously Assistant Curate at Deep Creek Anglican Church, Doncaster East.

Family: I’m married to Emily and we have four daughters.

Passionate about: I’m passionate about seeing God at work in the lives of people of all ages and backgrounds. I love teaching the Bible and theology in relatable ways, helping people embrace their identity in Jesus, and encouraging men and women to minister to one another in the body of Christ and beyond.

Hobbies: I love board games, spending time with family and friends. I enjoy basically anything creative or design related. In my spare time, I design Christian t-shirts and write for my blog Buried and Raised.

Ben’s Story

I can’t remember a time when I haven’t been a Christian. However as I grew up, I developed an unhealthy correlation between academic achievement and my personal sense of value and worth. I felt trapped in this cycle of achievement, leaving me both proud and insecure. I approached my faith with similar reasoning, leaving me conflicted: on the one hand I felt I didn’t need Jesus’ forgiveness, but on the other, not feeling like I was good enough for God to accept me.

By God’s grace, as a young adult, God enabled me to properly grasp his grace in the gospel. That my identity—far from being a cycle of achievement—actually began with God’s unconditional, unmerited acceptance of me in Christ (Titus 3:5). For the first time, it hit me that I was a beloved child of God; and that my work and service naturally flowed from that secure identity and acceptance—not towards it. For someone who grew up seeking validation and worth from what I could do, this was deeply humbling and life-changing. Now, because of my identity in Christ, I serve with a much greater sense of reliance on him. My worth is built on the foundation that in Christ, I am a beloved child of God. And nothing can shake that.

I hope that through my ministry with our Sunday 10am and Wednesday congregations, we will be able to see Christ at work in people at all stages of life, and that both young and old, men and women, newcomers and long-serving members, will be able to build one another up in Christ. I hope to see these congregations continue to be ones devoted to service of one another, passionate about supporting mission, and empowered to reach our city with the love of Jesus.