About Mike

Role: Senior Associate Minister

Background: Theology Hons B.A. from Durham University, U.K. I trained for ministry at Ridley Hall, Cambridge.

Family: I’m married to Jo and we have 2 children, George and Sarah.

Passionate about: Giving people opportunities to hear the gospel and grow in Christ.

Hobbies: I enjoy music, sport and time with family.

Mike’s Story

I grew up in England and as a child I didn’t understand the real meaning of being a Christian. When I was aged 14 I attended a Christian summer camp for teenagers. By the end of the camp I was confident enough about all I had heard  to ask Jesus to come into my life knowing that He died to forgive me and realizing that  He, the risen Lord, wanted a friendship with me.

For three years things went really well, but by the end of Year 12 I’d stopped going to church, praying or reading the bible. Once I got to university I got opportunities to debate and discuss faith issues. The evidence for the Resurrection was a big stumbling block for me, but a friend gave me a book on the subject and it made real sense, convincing me that Jesus really did rise from the dead.

Some weeks later I re-committed my life to Christ and have never looked back.

Eventually, I was ordained at St Alban’s Cathedral in 1985. I’ve served in various parts of the U.K. – Bedford, Bolton, Chelmsford and Elmswell (near  Bury St Edmunds). I also served in Mwanza, Tanzania, where I met my wife Jo, who was a teacher from New Zealand and is now a nurse.

In 2012 we came with our two children to Melbourne, my father’s home town. We came for my new role as Senior Associate Minister at St Alfred’s. It’s been a joy and a privilege to serve here.