About Ross

Role: Children and Families Minister, responsible for StAKs – St Alfred’s Kids.

Background: I have 10 years’ experience as children and families minister at Glen Waverley Anglican Church. I also undertook a subject in children’s ministry at Ridley College in the mid-2000s with Don Stott as one of my lecturers.

Family: I am married to Anita, who is a transport engineer. We have three quickly growing sons – two in secondary and one in primary school.

Passionate about: Apart from my faith and job, I am passionate about hearing people’s stories and joining in on all the fun. I love being creative and writing unusual and quirky stories for children in upper primary school. I love it when my house is tidy and I can see the floor.

Hobbies: I love writing, listening to music of many different genres, watching a good movie or TV show, chatting with my wife and doing the dishes (except not that last one).

Ross’s Story

I was privileged to grow up in a Christian family who attended church every week.

A key moment was moving away from home and starting my career as a journalist at the age of 18. I faced the decision about whether I would keep attending church. But when I decided to turn up at youth group one Friday, I instantly became a leader. Years later, I loved using my creativity to explain the gospel and made the transition to children and families minister at Glen Waverley Anglican Church in early 2004 and then to St Alfred’s in February 2015.

I love working with children. I think kids are loved by God and can have strong faith in Jesus. I see my role as helping to pastor children, their families and leaders, encouraging them to follow Jesus and giving them opportunities to express that.

I am hoping my ministry at St Alfred’s will be very public and that people will have confidence in the way our church teaches and cares for their children. I’m looking forward to seeing God continue to work in the lives of my family and friends here at St Alfred’s.