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18 July 2021

This is a pretty crazy reading with not one, but two people having visions. The apostle Peter’s vision is particularly weird because it talks about what sort of food we’re allowed to eat (spolier alert: it might also be about what sort of people God loves … but you’ll hear more about that next week). The other vision happens to a Roman bloke named Cornelius.


Acts 10:1-23a




Check out this clip. Puppeteers use paper bags to tell the story. It also explains what’s going to happen next week.


***** VIDEO LINK *****



The second clip looks pretty fun too. It’s a quiz, so little kids might need someone to help them read it.


***** VIDEO LINK *****



  • The reading says Cornelius was God-fearing. What does that mean?
  • Cornelius saw an angel. What do you think angels look like?
  • It’s interesting that God sends a message to Cornelius because he’s a Roman. What does that say about who God loves?
  • The angel knew exactly where Peter was. Do you think God still knows everything? How do you know?
  • Peter had a crazy vision. What do you think God was trying to tell him?
  • Has God ever spoken to you? If so, how did he speak (it could be dreams, visions, during prayer, through the Bible or other people)? What did he say?




God speaks to Jews and Gentiles. So I guess he loves all people. Here is something you can do to show it. Cut people’s faces from any newspapers or magazines you have around the house (ask your parents first). Stick them on to a page and write “God loves everybody” across the bottom.

  • If you don’t any newspapers or magazines, you could probably print faces from the internet. But you’d have to do this with a grown up.



Here is what Peter’s vision might have looked at. There’s plenty of interesting animals to colour in - you could even make the horse purple.


Please share any of your completed crafts or activities on the StAKs Online Facebook page or email Ross and Naomi.




Acts 10:15

15 The voice spoke to him a second time, “Do not call anything impure that God has made clean.”


Last Week’s Verse

James 5:16

16 Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.




This reading shows that God loves all people. After all, he not only spoke with Jewish apostle Peter, but also with Roman Gentile centurion Cornelius.

We can pray for people all around the world. Use a map or print the attachment. You can get the original at https://www.freeworldmaps.net/.

Use a coin or a dice. Flick it on to the map and pray for the people of that country - not only their health, but that the church would grow in that country.






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