St Alfred's

Dear family and friends of St Alfred's,

We’re hoping to resume in-person services in November, which is great news.

The Victorian Government has mandated different maximum gathering sizes according to vaccination status. For fully vaccinated people larger gatherings are allowed but smaller gatherings for others (partial, unvaccinated, undisclosed, unknown). We want to ensure that every person who wants to attend a worship service, regardless of vaccination status, can do that. This survey will help us plan appropriately and ensure that St Alfred's remains a safe place for everybody.

The survey asks about your vaccination status. We’re sending this out so that we know the number of people at St Alfred's who would attend services for fully vaccinated people and the number of people who would require services for the non-fully-vaccinated and those of unknown vaccination status. Children under 12 are considered vaccinated.

Your response to this survey is completely voluntary and confidential. The information is simply to help us plan for in-person services. There will also be a comments section where you can give us any further information if you want to.

If you could complete the survey by the end of October it would really help us in our planning. The survey will take about one minute to do.

Also if you have any personal issues you would like to discuss confidentially you can contact us via or or or tel 9116 4949

Anonymous survey

This survey is anonymous.  No personal identifying information is collected or recorded.

Please fill-in one survey for each person aged 12 or over in your household.

This form is currently closed for submissions.