Sunday afternoon, 4pm
during school term



Meeting room 2,
St Alfred’s Anglican Church

What to expect:

Sundays at 4pm is a growing community of 50 that meet each Sunday afternoon to worship God together. When we meet, we usually start with some songs, have a Bible reading, a children’s talk, a short 15 minute Bible talk for adults, and prayers. We celebrate The Lord’s Supper together about twice a term. Because we are a small community, there are many opportunities for most people to participate and be involved.


We are a child-friendly gathering and always look for creative ways to include children as part of the service. Children are encouraged to stay with their parents during service and some activities are provided for them to focus on during the Bible talk.

Meet the Minister - Mark Simon

Growth Group & Mentoring

Sundays at 4pm

Our Stories

Tom & Bec

Tom and Bec

We come to the 4pm service because the timings work better for us with a young family. Just having the kids in there with us is good. There are activities specifically for the kids which allows us to concentrate and allows the kids to grow in their relationship with God as well.
Rosie, Sundays at 4pm


One of the things that was attractive to me initially was the quality of the teaching and the friendly welcome I had through being part of a real community. We don’t just see each other on Sundays we see each other during the week because we like hanging out together.
Drew and Shirlaine, Sundays at 4pm

Drew and Shirlaine

Being part of a growth group has been a great support, meeting up with a small group of people to study God’s word and to pray with one another knowing that they’re willing to support you in prayer or practical needs.
Sundays at 4pm
Sundays at 4pm
Sundays at 4pm