5 June, 2011

Bible Text: Mark 10:1-12 |

Mark 10:1-12 | Wei-Han Kuan

Marriage and Divorce

This week we return to our teaching series Big Questions of Life, from Mark 9 & 10.
We come to Mark 10:1-12, where the Pharisees ask Jesus about divorce.

Divorce is a regular part of our contemporary culture, and every one of us will have
some direct or indirect experience of marital separation. It is often painful and
certainly difficult, with wide-ranging and long-lasting implications for the couple,
children, extended family and friends.

I intend to speak to these headings as we consider A Question of Divorce: What
does the Bible teach? How does God feel? How should Christians respond? We will
deal with a range of Bible passages, so please follow along.

You may be interested in the scholarship of David Instone-Brewer, a researcher at
the evangelical think-tank Tyndale House in Cambridge. I have found his book
Divorce & Remarriage in the Church (Paternoster, 2003) pastorally helpful and
convincing on the difficult biblical texts. His website contains links to various articles
and excerpts from his books: http://www.divorce-remarriage.com

We are very aware that this topic affects many of us directly.


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