31 July, 2011 ()

Bible Text: Ruth 3 |


Ruth 3 | Wei-Han Kuan

This week we examine Ruth chapter 3 under the theme Christians Falling in Love. It's a topic that parents, children, youth and young adults, older singles and grandparents all have a stake in.

Ruth and Boaz have an unusual courtship, not your typical paperback romance, but instead one of risk, faithfulness, godliness and more risk! And we have to wait till next week for the happy ending! Nevertheless, there's lots in it for us to learn and act on. 

  • At our recent Young Adults' Weekend Away, I recommended a couple of books on the topic of romance, dating and marriage. They included:
  • * C. S. Lewis, The Four Loves
  • * Henry Cloud and John Townsend, Boundaries in Dating, and Boundaries
  • * Joshua Harris, I Kissed Dating Goodbye, and Boy Meets Girl
  • * Nicky and Sila Lee, The Marriage Book

Do pick one up - you're sure to learn something for yourself or your ministry to others.

Rev Wei-Han Kuan

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