16 November, 2014 ()

Bible Text: Acts 5:12-42 |


| Acts 5:12-42 | Dave Burt |

The Sanhedrin, the senate and supreme court of Israel, have put a gag order on Jesus' disciples, but they've breached it. They arrest the apostles and put them on trial. "We strictly ordered you to stop teaching in Jesus name!"

"We must obey God rather than you!" The apostles are bound to announce the good news of King Jesus' death and resurrection, and his offer of repentance and forgiveness.

The Sanhedrin seem to hold all the cards, but are found powerless: they killed Jesus, God overturned their verdict by raising him from the dead. They cannot stop the announcement that God has lifted up Jesus as Prince and Saviour.

What's your verdict? Whose side are you on? Who do you think is in charge?

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