23 March, 2013

Bible Text: 2 Samuel 22 |

2 Samuel 22 | David Williams |

Welcome to church this morning. In the wider church today is Palm Sunday. According to the Anglican lectionary today is the end of Lent (it is exactly 40 days since Ash Wednesday) and next week is Holy Week which will then lead us to Easter. Through this early part of the year at St Alfred's we have been reading 2 Samuel and today we are near the end of the series. 2 Samuel 22 is a song or poem of thanksgiving and praise to God (it is repeated as Psalm 18). We welcome Rev Dr David Williams as our preacher today at both services. David is a member of St Alfred's and is the Development and Training Secretary for CMS Australia.

God is my Rock

2 Samuel 22 : 1-51

1. David rejoices in the God who saves: 2-3, 47-51
2 .David rejoices in the God who rules: 4-20, 29-46
3. David rejoices in the God who purifies: 21-28


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