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Often the divisions within the Christian church distract us from what I consider is our main fight. Our main fight is not with each other but with a largely unbelieving world. Although the census data might suggest that the majority of Australians have a belief in God and that many would have a vaguely Christian belief, committed Christians are still a small minority in our country.

Over the month of August we have planned a number of activities that you can invite not-as-yet Christians to and engage in discussion. I encourage you to “pray and invite”.

1 August, 2010 ()

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Peter MacPherson | The rise of a trenchant and even vitriolic atheism in recent years has led to the publication of numerous books and television programs all sowing doubt and scepticism into the public. This sermon series starts to give some response that may lead you to your own further discussions and investigations.

For further reading and study Peter recommends the following authors and titles:

Doubt (from a Christian perspective)

  • God in the Dark - Os Guiness
  • Know Doubt - John Ortberg

If your doubts are to do with Suffering:

  • How Long O Lord? - Don Carson (who will be speaking here in two weeks time)
  • The God I Don’t Understand - Chris Wright (has a helpful couple of chapters on why God would ask the Israelites to kill the Cannaanites; also talks about evil/suffering)

If you only have time for one book:

  • The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Scepticism - by Tim Keller;

Keller has chapters like “There can’t be just one true religion” and “The church is responsible for so much injustice” and “How can a loving God send people to hell?” and “You can’t take the Bible literally”

Any one of these issues can cause doubt and confusion so it is a very helpful book.

If you or someone you know has been confused by Dawkins Peter recommends reading:

  • The Dawkins Delusion - Alister and Joanna McGrath.
  • Is God a Delusion? - Nicky Gumbel
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