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There is no doubt as you read the Gospels that Jesus is a controversial character. Even his closest friends and family are at times uncertain about who he is and what he is doing. In Matthew Chapters 11-12 we see Jesus responding to this uncertainty and opposition forthrightly. Although some people will reject him and some will plot against him nevertheless at the end of each chapter (11:25-30; 12:46-50) Jesus appeals to people to become true disciples.

28 April, 2013 ()

Bible Text: Matthew 11:20-24 |


Matthew 11:20-24 | Peter MacPherson |

Jesus: Judge

Today’s Bible reading is the second of three sections in Matthew 11. Here Jesus shows his compassion for the lost in the light of “the day of judgement.” It’s a tough passage because it takes judgement seriously. Despite this we know that the entire ministry of Jesus was to reveal God to human beings and offer them new life. I encourage you to use today’s passage to direct your prayers for Melbourne and inspire you to keep reaching out to those who are not yet Christians.  Peter

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