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There is no doubt as you read the Gospels that Jesus is a controversial character. Even his closest friends and family are at times uncertain about who he is and what he is doing. In Matthew Chapters 11-12 we see Jesus responding to this uncertainty and opposition forthrightly. Although some people will reject him and some will plot against him nevertheless at the end of each chapter (11:25-30; 12:46-50) Jesus appeals to people to become true disciples.

9 June, 2013 ()

Bible Text:  Sam Williams |


Matthew 12:38-42 | Sam Williams |

We are nearing the end of our series in Matthew 11-12 which we have called "Jesus: Conflict." It is apparent through these chapters that the conflict between Jesus and his adversaries has been getting more entrenched. In today's passage Jesus says the only sign he will give of his identity is the "sign of the prophet Jonah." What is he talking about? How does that help us in talking to people today about Jesus?

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