2 April, 2011

Bible Text: 1 Cor 9:1-14; Luke 16:1-9 |

1 Cor 9:1-14; Luke 16:1-9 | Wei_Han Kuan |
Is Australia a Christian nation? Probably not. Look at the pressure being put on to remove chaplains from schools, remove Christian religious education from schools, re-define marriage, legalise euthanasia, allow shopping on Good Friday (let alone every Sunday of the year). Think of the many social ills that beset society generally – drug abuse, alcohol abuse, suicide rates, family breakdown etc etc. It is quite clear that individual Australians need to hear the gospel and our nation needs the gospel. This is why we are encouraging you to use every means possible to promote the gospel. This is not just a preaching series, it is a call to arms.

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