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Our major Old Testament preaching series in Judges is called "Faithful and Flawed" which represents the tension throughout the entire book. In some ways it is a very dark book. It begins with war and death (1:1) and ends in chaos – "in those days Israel had no king; everyone did as they saw fit" (21:25).

In between we will meet a series of leaders who are sometimes exemplars of faithfulness but more often embody the flawed human nature that bedevils us all. Throughout the troubling narrative there is an ever faithful God who continues to work with his people despite all their failings.

25 October, 2014 ()

Bible Text: Judges 14 |


| Judges 14 | Sam Oldland |

At morning and evening services we are looking at the figure of Samson. He is without doubt a flawed leader and yet used in surprising ways by God. One thing we have learnt from reading the book of Judges is that human leaders, no matter, how good and godly, can never solve our deepest human problems. "Judges" is in the end a dark and frustrating book as it leaves us wishing for such a rescuer. We know from the New Testament only one person can be such a rescuer. Welcome to Sam Oldland our youth minister who will preach at both services.

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