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This Sunday we begin a series called “Promoting the Gospel.” The gospel about Jesus that we wish to promote is “good news” for everyone and for our country but the spiritual climate of Australia is mixed to say the least. Our reaction may be to withdraw from the public sphere and limit mission to personal interactions. I have no problem with personal evangelism – each person matters. But we must also have an eye on the wider issues that are affecting the spiritual dynamics of our country and state. Please do use whatever avenues you have to ensure a Christian perspective is communicated intelligently and graciously.


5 March, 2011 ()

Bible Text: Psalm 96 |


Psalm 96 | Wei-Han Kuan |Promoting the Gospel. Welcome to our new teaching series that will take us up to Easter. Promoting the Gospel is a book by John Dickson. His main thesis is that everyone has a part to play in promoting the Gospel - even if we're not the confident evangelist-type, we have particular gifts and personalities that the Lord has given us to use. We encourage you to buy and read the book. It's Australian, has meaty Bible teaching and a thought-through theology of evangelism which will stimulate and energise you.

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