About Kyle

Role: Youth Minister, responsible for Pulse.

Background: I studied industrial design at Monash University and then worked designing off-road camper trailers. I got a feel for vocational ministry doing a two year ministry apprenticeship, and then completed a Masters of Divinity at Ridley College.

Family: I’m married to Ruby and we have two girls, Eva and Aria.

Passionate about: I’m passionate about helping people understand the beauty, truth and relevance of Jesus Christ, mentoring young people, and raising up Christian leaders.

Hobbies: I enjoy spending quality time with my family, cycling, making furniture, and watching car reviews.

Kyle’s Story

I grew up attending Church with my family, but I lived with myself in the driver’s seat of my life. God was a nagging backseat driver whose directions I did not want to take, but at times worried that I should. At university I realised that I had no real purpose or meaning, and could not make my life work out, nor make up for my sins. However, I remembered that God offered me salvation as a gift through the Lord Jesus’ death on the cross for me. I said sorry to God and let him take the wheel of my life. Now with God at the centre and not me, I have true meaning and purpose. Through life’s ups and downs, my God keeps helping me to find lasting joy in loving relationship with him.

As the Youth Minister at St Alfred’s, my aim is that the youth would personally know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour and go deeper in their relationship with him. It’s my prayer that they find joy in knowing and sharing Jesus, and in serving him and his people at St Alfred’s.